Wandering the East Village; December 31

She walked into the tattoo parlor on St. Marks Place, not knowing exactly what to expect. It couldn’t possibly hurt that bad — a pinch maybe. She had wanted this done for years, and it would be only moments until the deed was done. Her friend stood by her side, reassuring her that it would be okay, that she was absolutely fine. She turned around to glance at the piercer’s station as he prepared the needle and sterilization equipment; he worked fast as lightening, yet the seconds seemed to tick minutes apart. She began to panic. A rush of adrenaline ran through her veins as she closed her eyes, breathed deeply, and wished it would just be over. The piercer marked the spot on her upper cartilage, held up a mirror, and asked her if it was okay. She glanced at it, said it was perfect, and continued to panic in silence. He picked up the needle and brought it to her ear, and within 30 seconds, it was over.

While I came very close to passing out yesterday, I am so happy I went through with it: I finally got my cartilage pierced! The procedure barely hurt at all, though I did get very lightheaded. Piercer said I just don’t have a high pain threshold — haha. I find that quite ironic…

Yesterday was one of the best days i’ve had in a very long time. My friend D and I went into the city with the intentions of getting my ear pierced, and while I was very skeptical, I made her swear she wouldn’t let me leave the parlor without getting it done. Following the embarrassing episode of almost fainting from an ear-piercing, we went over to pink berry and got parfaits! While on any other occasion, I would have been freaked by the size and the price, my friend explained that it was actually the best deal on offer there: two dry toppings, three fruits, and a heck of a lot of frozen yogurt (pumpkin of course!) for just $5.00. While that may sound like a lot of money, compared to the individual prices of each topping and the price of getting flavored yogurt (I know, ridiculous), it was a steal!

Following “lunch,” we of course headed over to Forever 21, where I exchanged two things, and got adorable knit riding pants and a humane society t-shirt! I swear, almost every piece of clothing I own now is from this place. The store has me hooked.


The Humane Society Tee doubled nicely as part of a day outfit and an essential component of my New Years outfit!

After we shopped for a bit, my friend D and I split ways and I went to meet my two friends from treatment, A and L. I haven’t seen L for two years, since I left Renfrew, and she was honestly my best friend there. While a bit flakey at times, she never fails to be here for me whenever I’m struggling and I know I can always go to her if I have a problem. A and I are also very close and it was so great to see them both. We walked to a Dunkin Donuts and enjoyed the company of each other over hot coffee.

What is your coffee of choice? I personally prefer dunkin — starbucks is way too bitter and overpriced for my liking, but my friend D is obsessed.

Anyways, I’m off to get ready to party! Happy New Years everyone! I’m so happy to be back, and I hope you all continue to read and enjoy :]






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3 responses to “Wandering the East Village; December 31

  1. Maddi

    Happy New Years! oh, you should post a pic of that shirt, just the shirt, so i can see it better, does it have animals on it? lol, i know thats weird to ask but i love animals…i also love that store!!! 😀 I wish there was one where i live!

  2. cool piercing! 🙂 I won’t bore you with my coffee choice, because it is obscure and I can’t decide 😉

    Happy new year to you too! I hope you have a wonderful night, and are ready for a fantastic 2011 🙂


  3. I’m glad you’re doing so well, B!
    So excited about your new piercing. Can you believe my ears are not pierced… at all? I have to do this, someday… ASAP! Hehe.
    Wish you an amazing NYE and a wonderful 2011.

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